Shipping policy

Meeko Mobi Ltd. offers a comprehensive transport range. You can read more about delivery methods and their service content on our website. Meeko Mobi Ltd. shopping cart automatically takes transport offers into account. Products in an individual order can be delivered in several shipments.

The aim is to process the completed order within 72 hours of receiving it. A completed order means an order in which all the products are in our warehouse and reserved for the order, and the payment method of the order has been accepted.

Meeko Mobi Ltd. is not obliged to reserve other products of the same order to the customer if the availability of one product is poor or its delivery is delayed for reasons beyond Meeko Mobi Ltd. control. Alternatively, the consumer may accept either a delayed post-delivery of the product or cancellation of the order. Postage for postage will be charged according to the normally valid price list. The products in the order are reserved for a maximum of 7 days, after which the order is canceled unless the customer has agreed to post-delivery in accordance with the terms of Meeko Mobi Ltd.