Meeko is a fast and fun way to move about, whether it's commuting, running errands or just exploring your surroundings. Combined with other means of transportation, it can take you anywhere, free from the stress of the rush hour. Enjoy effortless, planet-friendly mobility with Meeko.


Electric. Exciting.

Switch on and go. Float through the city and feel the breeze. Meeko has been designed to be precise and smooth to ride. The length is optimised for agility. The powerful electric motor ensures swift acceleration and makes uphills feel like downhills. And detours feel like shortcuts.

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Fits the way you live.

Fold it in seconds and take it with you. Meeko is compact and can come to cafés and saloons with you. Mix and match different ways to move: hop on the bus or train with it, or stow it in your car. Then skip traffic jams and enjoy the last leg to your destination. Or enjoy the ride on Meeko the entire way, we totally support that.

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Saves money. And the environment. 

With Meeko, you can enjoy up to 40 km* of fun with a single charge. And the ride is almost free – just 1 € over 700 km. Zero emissions, no noise, as it should be. The future of transportation is clearly electric.

* Actual range is dependent on the model and style of riding. 40 km is based on tests with Meeko Pro at a constant speed of about 20-25 km/h.

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Which Meeko are you?

Meeko comes in two flavours, City and Pro. Both models feature:


Premium riding comfort

Meeko is safe, smooth and precise to ride. Both models are fitted with a bright headlight and rear brake lights.

Powerful battery and motor

Both models come standard with 10.4 Ah batteries and offer top speeds up to 40 km/h (region-dependent).

Robust construction

Meeko is built to last and to be easy to maintain.



Your everyday travel companion.

  • 8-inch wheels

  • Up to 35 km of range

  • Rear drum brake

  • 375 Wh battery (10,4 Ah at 36 V)

  • 350W Motor



More power, more range.

  • 10-inch wheels

  • Up to 40 km of range

  • Hydraulich break system (rear)

  • 500 Wh battery (10,4 Ah at 48 V)


 Meeko is good for business!