In motion.

Meeko is a fast and fun way to move about, whether it's commuting, running errands or just exploring your surroundings. Combined with other means of transportation, it can take you anywhere, free from the stress of the rush hour. Enjoy effortless, planet-friendly mobility with Meeko.


Meeko for

“Meeko electrified WRC employees moving. Meeko’s brought fun and excitement to work! We are happy!”

- WRC Neste Rally

”Within tight schedule of  24 hours’ time, 24 Meeko’s in a line, tight schedule! Good job guys, thanks, promise redeemed! Five start performance.”

– Foot Balance

”Second year in a row when we use Meeko’s.”

-Biggest MOTO race in the Nordics

”We have received good feedback from our guards using Meeko’s. Their work has been made much more effiecient by Meeko’s”

- Securitas

”We appreciate quality and that’s why our choice was Meeko.”

– Nokia Networks

”The Sauna Festival arrangements has been a lot easier with Meeko’s. Full recommendations for other festival arrangers”

– Sauna Festival


Meeko makes yours, and your employees' days more fun and efficient! The time and energy spared from traveling in speed and ease can be allocated for other useful purposes.

You can use the Meeko to ride the work-related happening and meetings and then gather your colleagues and ride for a lunch to your favorite lunch place.

Our satisfied customer base includes ports, factories, warehouses, power plants, hospitals, event organizers and several security companies. Our customers have a number of start-up incubators and office hotels concentrations. The start-up communities have Meeko’s in their entrance halls to be used in the nearby areas by both employees and their customers. Today, our clientele covers people from radio operators, TV-faces, bohemian hipsters to businessmen in their suits.