Aalto University

Top designers from Aalto University were involved in the development of Meeko electric scooter.

School of Arts, Design and Architecture, Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland.

- 2018

Simo, Professor of Industrial Design at Aalto University, approached us with a great idea: Putting top designers to work and making Meeko the main theme of the “form exploration” course.

From the beginning, Meeko has been an innovative electric kickboard brand that believes in quality and design. So the decision was easy and obvious, sleeves up and to work!

The years 2018 and 2019 went with students of industrial design looking for and developing development blanks, materials, mechanisms, ideas. The main task was to create ideas and thoughts related to electric kickboards, their ease of use and durability, and the clarity of maintenance.

In a nutshell: Don’t reinvent the wheel, but develop from the best to the best. On a general level, however, we gave quite a free hand in terms of design itself, “freely challenge urban light traffic”.

Twelve talented master’s level industrial design students from around the world were selected for the year-long course. The citizenships involved were e.g. Colombia, France, Germany, Japan, Poland, China, Finland, Norway and Sweden. Together we searched for important and leading goals and lines and listed the 4 most important ones in French lines:

  1. Sustainable values
  2. New ideas and design
  3. Use of interesting materials
  4. A working entity

Aato university industrial design. Consepts for Meeko

The world of electric kickboards / escoots needs real values.

We started the work ourselves with a comprehensive market and user research. We wanted to get a comprehensive picture of the electric kickboards in particular at that moment. The goal is always to do something a little differently and better. The user survey provided a good lunch for that.  We truly value design, small details and smart thinking are making a huge differences at the end. 

Some of the designers made a prototype of their own concepts. The intense ensemble of the year culminated in a 2-week open house exhibition. The exhibition was held at Elisa's mobile operator's flagship store, Helsinki's city center. 

elisa corner helsinki meeko exhibition

 The project challenged and taught a lot. We are already utilizing several ideas in our current models. Larger entities are already at a promising stage of completion. This project with smart and innovative students was really rewarding, and there is not the slightest doubt that top designers will really add value to Meeko in the future.

Meeko Mobi was founded in 2018 in Finland. We currently operate in Spain and the Czech Republic in addition to Finland.

Meekko electric kickboards offer an environmentally friendly way to move from place to place. Meeko invests in quality and design, and environmental friendliness is one of our most important values.

Our satisfied customer base includes ports, factories, warehouses, power plants, zoos, security companies, festivals and hospitals. In addition, start-up communities have acquired Meeks for their employees and their customers to rent.

Our user base is constantly expanding into new areas. Check out our collection on our website www.meeko.mobi