Our Story

Have fun, be transparent, and build trust.

Started in 2016, we’ve seen many ups and downs. Through the hardships came lessons, through failure came success. Without these circumstances, we wouldn’t have produced Meeko, an electric scooter that can stand up to the rigours of daily life, while staying reliable, environmentally responsible, and fun.

“We find solutions. If there are problems in the world that we can help solve, we will keep going.” 

Our story began when the founder Samu became tired of traffic jams, parking lots, and cars obstructing his everyday life - so he decided to look for an electric scooter. 
But what he found was another problem - all the products on the market were too expensive, poorly built, and a hassle to maintain. He knew that the public deserved better and soon after he founded Meeko.


Quality is Constant.

Quite simply, quality is not easy. Nor should it be.
To be a sustainable company, we make sure our electric scooters stay on the road and not in the landfill. Despite our customer satisfaction being over 90%, we’re still not happy. We continue this journey to bring you the best products through constant research and development. It’s our duty to you.

“It is not fun to admit when you are wrong, but you must - to grow.” 

- Samu Siki, founder of Meeko Electric Scooters


Our current City and Pro models are the culmination of years of development and thousands of miles. When we first produced them, we chose to recall our past models and replace key components for free. Not because they ceased to function but because we created something better.
Learn more about Meeko City and Pro.


Organic and Sustainable Flow.

In an era of global warming, we work to reduce our environmental impact. Whether it’s through renewable energy, clean production, or an increased product life, we want to put sustainable transportation in your hands and under your feet.

“Like a beautiful street lamp illuminating a parkland, we reimagine the urban landscape into an organic one.”


Commitment to Community.

Despite having a tight team at Meeko, we would be nothing without our partnerships and community - a portion of all sales goes to eco-related efforts.
In 2018, we worked with Aalto University’s Industrial Design Masters program to help build innovative and accessible clean vehicles. Give their portfolio a look here.
We’ve also been a multi-year partner with AKK at the WRC Finland Rally race competition. By working with their pit crew, award ceremony, and as general transportation throughout the public events, we tested our scooters through the daily stresses of an intensive 3-day operation.


Better Tomorrows, A Brighter Today.

Our motto is simple, "Think Safe. Think Free. Think Green." We long to keep you and your families safe, while freeing you from the constraints of everyday life using clean technology.

Or simply: we’re here for a better tomorrow, starting today.

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