M10 for electric scooters

Set yourself free. You take care of your business, we take care of your electric scooter.

M10 is Meeko’s maintenance carriage partner specialized on electric scooters repair, improvements and tunings. We are also an online network that spreads knowhow and ideas.

MEEKO riders! Please contact the WhatsApp technical support, scan the qr code below. In many cases we can assist you remotely, let's try.

You can get quick jobs such as punked tyres, brake adjustments, lights turnings and switching, while waiting excluded in rush seasons. But still, whenever we are fast. For more challenging repairs and fixes, we check the schedules together with you. We can proudly say that we have seen and fixed all kinds of electric scooters, to name a few brands like Xiaomi, Joyor, Dualtron, Zero, Meeko and Ninebot.

Our process:
  • We check the main issues together with you.
  • We give you our recommendations on what could have been taken care of at the same time so that you could ride safely.
  • We give you transparent and fair pricing.
  • We are visual. We like shiny and clean e-scooters. So before we start fixing your scooters, we first tidy them up.

 Check out our tips and tricks on Youtube, Instagram and Facebook. And do please share your tips with us if you have any, so that we can share them further.

M10, electric scooter care.