We value speed sports truly high, they are extremely entertaining. The drivers are assorted top talent. There are only one driver’s chair at the top level per car, but the queue for those trying to reach the top is infinitely long. A winning, fast and seamless team will ultimately create winning individuals.

We have been a shadow partner for AKK Motorsport for several years. We have delivered half a dozen Meeko Pro electric kickboards for their use during both the Neste Rally and the Carting European Championships. The dresses have naturally been tailored, just to their needs. Meeko electric kickboards sit in the hands of both professionals and beginners, and there are also scouts suitable for different needs in the ready-made models.

carting European championship drivers with meeko electric scooters


“Shuttleing between the prize area, depot and VIP area during the race weekend requires speed and agility. Meeko electric kickboards have been a real rescue for us during the Games. Formerly run, today we move agilely and quickly with electricity, both indoors and outdoors. The experiences with the Meeko team have been really good and the cooperation is flexible and fast-paced, as are the species we represent ourselves.”

Sami Heiskanen, competition organizer, project manager

Cooperation with the AKK has spawned several stakeholders. Among other things, half a dozen Meeko will be touring the full rally calendar on the trip of the Toyota WRC team.

Meeko Mobi was founded in 2018 in Finland. We currently operate in Spain and the Czech Republic in addition to Finland.

Meeko electric kickboards offer an environmentally friendly way to move from place to place. Meeko invests in quality and design, and environmental friendliness is one of our most important values.

Our satisfied customer base includes ports, factories, warehouses, power plants, zoos, security companies, festivals and hospitals. In addition, start-up communities have acquired Meeks for their employees and their customers to rent.

Our user base is constantly expanding into new areas. Check out our collection on our website