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Terms and conditions of Meeko Mobi Ltd.

Updated May 3, 2020

  1. General Terms and Conditions is the online store of Meeko Mobi Oy (Business ID: 2835866-1). These terms and conditions apply in the commercial relationship between Meeko Mobi Ltd. and its customers. The terms and conditions specified by the respective service provider also apply to the services and products provided by Meeko Mobi Oy. Meeko Mobi Ltd. has the right to update these terms and conditions without prior notice. Orders are subject to the terms and conditions in force at the time of ordering, which are available on Meeko Mobi Ltd. website.

Meeko Mobi Ltd. is not liable for damage caused by force majeure. Force majeure is considered to be an unforeseeable circumstance or change in circumstances that is beyond Meeko Mobi Ldt's control. Meeko Mobi Ltd. is obliged to notify the customer of force majeure without delay.

  1. Customer and Privacy

Meeko Mobi Oy welcomes all private and corporate customers. The trade relationship complies with applicable Finnish and EU legislation regarding consumer trade, marketing and advertising. The sales agreement between corporate customers and Meeko Mobi Oy primarily complies with these terms and conditions and in other respects with the Finnish Commercial Code.

When placing an order, the customer is obliged to provide his complete contact information, which includes at least the name, address and telephone number of the consumer customer, and possibly an e-mail address. The information required from business customers is the name, telephone number and e-mail of the contact person, as well as the business ID, postal address, telephone number or numbers and, if necessary, the billing address.

Customer information is stored in Meeko Mobi Oy's customer register, where the information is used to maintain the customer relationship. The Data Protection Act (5.12.2018 / 1050) and Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council (General Data Protection Regulation) apply to the processing of data.

After the purchase, the customer will be sent a product review invitation once the email address has been added to the order. Responding to a review invitation is optional. The invitation only includes products already purchased by the customer. The customer's contact information will not be displayed publicly during the review. Meeko Mobi Oy uses the information collected through reviews to develop the customer experience, product range and services.

Meeko Mobi Oy's website uses cookies, which can be used to further develop the website to be more user-friendly. The purpose of cookies on Meeko Mobi Oy's website is to facilitate, improve and speed up the business experience. Cookies can also be used to provide better offers and more personalized product recommendations to the customer. Some of the content on Meeko Mobi Oy's website may require the acceptance of cookies in order to function. The user's web browser is likely to accept cookies with predefined default settings, but the user can also block the use of cookies in the browser settings or delete cookies from the browser when using the service. For more information on browser-specific instructions, see the browser manufacturer's instructions.

  1. Price list

Prices include VAT, but not transportation, unless otherwise stated. If there are obvious price errors in the price list, the product will not be sold at a significantly lower price if it can be assumed that the customer has understood the existence of the error.

Delivery time estimates are based on information provided by importers and manufacturers. Meeko Mobi Oy or the suppliers used by it are not responsible for delays caused by unforeseen changes outside its scope.

Meeko Mobi Oy reserves the right to restrict the sale of products in exceptionally large batches.

The age limits of the products are observed as prescribed by law.

  1. Delivery

Meeko Mobi Oy offers a comprehensive transport range. You can read more about delivery methods and their service content on our website. Meeko Mobi Oy's shopping cart automatically takes transport offers into account. Products in an individual order can be delivered in several shipments.

The aim is to process the completed order within 72 hours of receiving it. A completed order means an order in which all the products are in our warehouse and reserved for the order, and the payment method of the order has been accepted.

Meeko Mobi Oy is not obliged to reserve other products of the same order to the customer if the availability of one product is poor or its delivery is delayed for reasons beyond Meeko Mobi Oy's control. Alternatively, the consumer may accept either a delayed post-delivery of the product or cancellation of the order. Postage for postage will be charged according to the normally valid price list. The products in the order are reserved for a maximum of 7 days, after which the order is canceled unless the customer has agreed to post-delivery in accordance with the terms of Meeko Mobi Oy.

  1. Payment

Current information on payment methods can be found on the Meeko Mobi Oy website. Please note that online payment (e-payment) with bank IDs requires the creation of a customer account.

Resellers and companies have the opportunity to apply for a billing customer through our corporate sales. For more information, email

Paytrail Invoice and Installment Payment are the payment methods offered by Klarna AB. Detailed descriptions of the credit and information of the lender are specified in the shopping cart as required by law.

  1. Return

Meeko Mobi Oy offers its customers a 15-day right of return. The products can be returned either to travel service with a free customer return or directly to the store's service points. Meeko Mobi Oy is responsible for return costs when the return has been made in accordance with its instructions through Posti's customer return service. You must contact our service in advance by e-mail before return (………………………).

Exchange and return conditions

Products purchased from the online store have a 14-day return policy. If for any reason you wish to return the product (s) you ordered, it must be done within 14 days of receiving the order. We will refund the order to the account number you provided once the product has returned to us and we have reviewed it. Replacement and return costs are the responsibility of the customer. We do not redeem cash-on-delivery exchanges or returns. Any returns must always be agreed with us in advance. To exercise the right of cancellation, you must notify us in writing of your decision to cancel the contract by unambiguous notice.

The right of return only applies to private customers and unused and salable products in the original packaging. The returned product and product packaging must be in a condition similar to the new one. Any manuals, other accessories and supplies included in the package must also be returned. Please note that care must be taken when opening product packaging.

Problem situations

If the product is lost or damaged during transport or does not otherwise correspond to your order, you must notify the parties mentioned in the exchange and return conditions within 14 days of the defect. If the package is damaged during transport, a complaint must be made about the product immediately to the party who provided the transport service.

If the dispute concerning the trade agreement cannot be resolved through negotiations between the parties, the consumer may refer the matter to the Consumer Disputes Board (

Before taking the matter to the Consumer Disputes Board, the consumer must contact the Consumer Advice of the Local Register Office (

You can also submit a dispute over a trade agreement through the so-called online dispute resolution run by the European Commission (

We ask you to keep all documents related to customer returns carefully until you have received information about receiving the return from Meeko Mobi Oy.

Restrictions on the right of return are determined in accordance with Chapter 6, Section 16 of the Consumer Protection Act:

In accordance with the Consumer Protection Act, service products or digital content do not have a right of cancellation if the service has been completed or the delivery of digital content has started electronically after you have given your consent to start delivery and if the right of cancellation has been announced in advance.

Returned products must be carefully packaged.

  1. Warranty, Support and Liability for Defects

The warranty is determined in accordance with the warranty conditions specified by the manufacturer. You are obliged to read the warranty conditions supplied with the product before using the product. Warranty conditions can be found in the operating instructions, a separate warranty form or the web address provided by the manufacturer. As a rule, the warranty only covers manufacturing and material defects in the product. The warranty period is specified in the product manual.

Warranty repairs are always made in accordance with the warranty conditions. Deliver the product to Meeko Mobi service Melkonkatu 18, 00210 Helsinki. This speeds up maintenance and is therefore in your best interest. We service the product covered by the warranty quickly, in a maximum of 10-15 days. You can also bring your product for service after the warranty period.

The cost of an unjustified service visit will be charged in full to you if the product has been delivered for unjustified warranty service. Meeko Mobi Oy is not liable for damages caused by the buyer's actions. Possible costs of the maintenance company and costs incurred by Meeko Mobi Oy are charged as unjustified maintenance costs.

Our service will keep the products for three (3) months after the customer has been notified of the completion of the service / work. The product is then recycled or sold (Law on the right of a trader to sell an item not picked up (15.7.1988 / 688)).

Meeko Mobi Oy is liable for the products' statutory liability for defects when the product warranty has expired or the warranty has not been granted. For more information, please email

If necessary, Meeko Mobi Oy's service will provide additional instructions for product recycling, if necessary.

Physical opening of the product to modify the device will terminate the warranty and the seller's liability unless otherwise stated (also applies to tuning electric kickboards).

  1. Complaints

The customer is obliged to present a proof of purchase, receipt or other proof of the place and time of purchase in connection with the return or when claiming a defect in the goods. Meeko Mobi Oy reserves the right to charge the buyer for the costs of searching for the receipt.

Complaints will only be processed in writing. A free-form complaint can be submitted either by e-mail

Settlement of disputes and place of jurisdiction: The consumer customer has the right to submit disputes arising from this agreement to the Consumer Disputes Board ( Before taking the matter to the Consumer Disputes Board, the consumer must contact the Consumer Advice of the Local Register Office ( The customer may bring an action against Meeko Mobi Oy for disputes arising from the contractual relationship, either in the district court of Meeko Mobi Oy's domicile or in the district court of the place in Finland in whose jurisdiction he resides. If the customer is not domiciled in Finland, disputes will be handled in the district court of Meeko Mobi Oy's domicile.

Representation fees are not reimbursed, as the Consumer Advice and the Consumer Disputes Board provide assistance in resolving disputes free of charge.

  1. Additional Terms for Business Customers

Meeko Mobi Oy is not liable for any direct or indirect loss, damage or loss of income caused by the product and / or service. Meeko Mobi Oy's liability is always limited to the content of these terms and conditions. Liability for product defects is limited to the possible return of the purchase price less the operating benefit.

The warranty period for equipment purchased for business use is determined in accordance with the manufacturer's warranty conditions, and the end of the warranty period terminates Meeko Mobi Oy's liability. Physical opening of the product to modify the device will void the warranty and the seller's liability unless otherwise stated.

Meeko Mobi Oy reserves the right to direct corporate customers to deal directly with the importer or service center authorized by the manufacturer. For more information on maintenance, please contact Meeko Mobi Oy's service.

Our service will keep the products for three (3) months after the customer has been notified of the completion of the service / work. The product is then recycled or sold.

Meeko Mobi Oy is not obliged to fulfill the agreement if it encounters a force majeure that it cannot reasonably overcome. Meeko Mobi Oy is not obligated to compensate the customer for damage or costs caused to the customer in the event of force majeure, and is entitled to terminate the agreement.

By submitting an order and / or a request for quotation, the customer unequivocally accepts the terms and conditions of Meeko Mobi Oy. Any contract terms used by the customer are not complied with if they are in conflict with Meeko Mobi Oy's contract terms.

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